Because people don’t have wings, we look for ways to fly.

happy (really late) birthday to my pooping buddy, ada (hover the link for more)! 

dangan ronpa + motivational quotes [2/???]

It is all for you. Every word. Every thing I do. You are the stubborn pumping of this aching heart. ~ x

He gives humans their suitable forms of despair to prevent them from getting too conceited. He is the existence which you humans refer to as ‘God’. Truth.

Makoto + Towel


悔いなき選択 - 2014年12月9日

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There probably will be things you will miss. But there also will be things to look forward to at the community college! Everything has it’s goods and bads. Hopefully everything will work out for you and you will enjoy the change!

omg i didn’t even think about it that way. thank you so much!! this makes me feel a lot better!